Applying for multiple entry visa in Canada – 2023 Guide

Applying for multiple entry visa in Canada

The best thing to do in Canada is to get a visa that lets you enter and leave the country more than once. If you apply for a multiple-entry visitor visa for ten years or more, you can go to Canada more than once in six months. A multiple-entry visa also gives applicants the freedom to come back to Canada more than once during the time their visa is valid without having to reapply.

Who needs a Temporary Resident Visa with More Than One Entry?

It’s for Temporary Residents who want to go to Canada more than once in the next ten years and don’t mind having to apply each time. It is also perfect for Temporary Residents whose Temporary Resident Visas have run out and who need to make more than one trip back home or abroad in the same ten-year period.
Difference between a visa with one entry and one with multiple entries
Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) says that the main difference between these two types of visas is that a single-entry visa only lets you enter Canada once, while a multiple-entry visa lets you enter Canada many times.

Who Can Get a Multiple Entry Visa for Canada?

For people from some countries, a Canada visitor visa lets them come back more than once. There are, however, some rules and requirements that these holders must follow:
1. Some multiple-entry visas can be delayed for up to six months, but the holder can only do this twice.
2. With a multi-entry visa, you can go to Canada more than once while the visa is still valid. For example, if your multiple entry visa is good for three months, you can use it more than once before that time is up.
3. The multiple-entry visa that can be gotten in Canada doesn’t work for transit if you don’t have a valid ticket for the next leg of your trip. At the port, they will have to go back or be turned away by the border.
4. People who want a visa that lets them come back to Canada more than once must show the Visa Officer (VO) that they are ready and able to leave Canada at the end of their stay.
5. Like most other Canadian immigration programs, people who want a multiple entry visa must show proof that they have enough money to pay for their expenses (flights, accommodation, and health insurance in some cases).
6. Most of the time, visitors to Canada are not allowed to work. So, applicants must say that they have no plans to work or go to school in Canada during their stay, unless they get permission to do so.
7. You must also meet certain requirements to be allowed in. Health (shown by the medical exam) and no criminal record are two examples.

How to apply for a Canada visa with multiple entries

The multiple-entry Canada visa is given to the applicant after they fill out the necessary forms and provide the necessary documents. Here are some steps you need to take to apply for a visa that lets you enter Canada more than once:
• Find out if you are eligible and check if you are eligible for a multiple-entry visa. If it meets the requirements, you can move on to the next step.
• Make a visa check list and gather documents to back up your application for a multiple-entry visa.
•Apply for a multiple-entry visa to Canada online or at any Canadian immigration office in your home country or country of origin. Most of the time, you need to send your application for a multiple-entry visa to Canada to the Canadian embassy or consulate in your home country.
• While you wait to hear back from the visa office about your multiple-entry visa, you can also use the IRCC website to check the status of your application.
• After your multiple entry visa has been processed, the visa office will let you know by email if you have been approved or not. If your application for a multiple-entry visa is approved, you will get a letter by mail telling you whether it was approved or not in about ten days.

Canada Multiple Entry Visa for 10 Years

There are only a few times when you can get a Canada 10-Year Multiple Entry Visa. First, the person must be a citizen or national of a country that has an agreement with Canada. Canada’s 10-year multiple entry visas are usually given for ten years.
The 10-Year Multiple Entry Visa for Canada is not a work permit and will not let a person work in Canada while they are there. Work permits for Canada are only given to people who have met certain requirements and been accepted to move to Canada.
In Canada, parents and grandparents of permanent residents often get Super Visas that are good for ten years.


It is very important to know the requirements for a multiple-entry visa in Canada. How long the process takes and what kind of fees you have to pay will depend on where you live and whether or not you are already living in Canada. If you want to apply for one, you should first get in touch with the Canadian Embassy or Consulate nearest you to find out what documents you need.
You might be able to get your own Super Visa if you are the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or resident with refugee status. This kind of visa is good for ten years and lets you go in and out of Canada more than once without asking Citizenship and Immigration Canada for permission.
Super visas also make it easy for parents or grandparents who live outside of Canada to go quickly and on short notice to see their children or grandchildren. Check out our Super Visa Page to see if this choice is available.