What Interview Questions Should You Prepare for a First-time Job?

When applying for your first job, what kinds of interview questions should you prepare for?

It’s possible that your first interview will give you a lot of nerves. Those who are going in for their very first job interview aren’t prepared for the onslaught of questions that will be asked. That said, there is no way to know what questions an interviewer will ask you.

But there are a few questions that almost certainly will be asked of each and every interviewee during the course of the interview. If this is your first time going through the interview process for a job, here are some questions that you should practice answering.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

During the interviews, the first question that is asked is always this one. Believe us when we say that being able to talk freely about oneself is the single most effective way to make a positive first impression on someone. On the other hand, if you get this wrong, you’re already off to a rocky start.

You must sound confident, albeit not egoistic. Take note of the word “something” that was used in the question. You must not keep talking for long. Maintain an answer in your back pocket that is succinct yet informative and allows you to discuss your abilities and interests.

You must not talk about your hobbies, daily routine etc. The interviewer is only interested in hearing about your most impressive abilities and passions. Maintain the answer’s relevance while keeping it brief in order to keep the interviewer interested and entertained.

Why Do You Wish to Get this Job?

The person conducting the interview wants to know, besides money, what is driving you to want the job. It is important to remember that the last thing an interviewer needs to know about you is that you are only looking for a job to earn some money.

Continue to make your case for why you need prior work experience in order to advance in your chosen field. Indicate the manner in which you intend to advance your professional standing by making use of this opportunity. Your response should go something like this:

“The money I make from this job is not my primary motivation. My goal is to become a part of a creative community where I can learn and gain experience. Before pursuing further education, I would like to gain some experience first.
You need to explain to people why you don’t have any work experience and how you think that will help your career in the long run.

Why Do You Want to Work for Our Company?

Doing research about the company is the most effective way to prepare yourself for this question. Visit the company’s website and read the information on the “About us” and “Career” pages. Read up extensively on the company’s mission statement and workplace culture.

After you have finished reading the information presented above, consider how one of these businesses could serve as a good place of employment for you. You do not have to flatter someone an excessive amount. Make a case for why you would be a good addition to the company and why it would benefit you.

Your ideal response should sound something like this: “I want to be a part of a creative environment where I can put my skills to use and continue to improve them.” The company’s growth trajectory is upward, and I would like to gain experience working alongside industry pioneers.

Tell us about the most difficult circumstance you’ve ever had to navigate and the steps you took to do so. When an interviewer asks you this question, they try to gain insight into how you would respond in a challenging circumstance.
You absolutely must take precautions to avoid bringing up any events that are overly upsetting because doing so could make the interviewer feel uneasy.

Your response should offer a solution to a problem you have personally experienced at some point in your life. You will subsequently be required to describe how you handled that challenge.

This exercise aims to demonstrate to the person conducting the interview that you are mindful and brave enough to deal with pressure and stress. You are required to tell your own personal story rather than make something up yourself.

Why Do You Think That You Are a Good Fit for the Role?

In order to get yourself ready for this question, you need to do some research on the company and the position they are offering. Consider how well your existing skill set would align with the requirements of the job.

You must not oversell and, for sure, never undersell yourself. When explaining how you are capable of handling the role, be sure to stay true to your skills and capabilities.

You also need to emphasize how determined you are and how much you want to succeed in this role. The people conducting the interviews are always looking for candidates with a lot of passion. Prepare your response to demonstrate your appropriate skills and your desire to succeed.

Your response should sound something like this if you want to maximize your chances of getting hired: “This role is a good fit with the skills that I learned while studying Digital Marketing.” I am eager to become a member of a company and improve my abilities by learning new things on a daily basis.

How do you respond when someone criticizes you?

At some point in our lives, each one of us will inevitably be the target of criticism. This will play a role in the professional life that you lead. There will be times when you will be called out on the poor quality of your work. The person conducting the interview is interested in learning how you respond to constructive criticism and negative feedback.

You are required to respond in a constructive manner. You have to demonstrate that you can respond constructively to criticism. Your perfect response should go something like this: “I had been in a circumstance in which I was criticized. I made an effort to assess what aspects of my performance were lacking and how I could have improved them. I see constructive criticism as a chance to improve myself and move on.”

Is There Any Extracurricular Activity That You Participate In?

When applying for your first job, you do not have a work history to bring you to the interview. The interviewer evaluates you based on the degrees you have earned, the skills you have stated, and your past experiences.

When asked about your extracurricular activities, you should highlight those that foster creativity and/or boost teamwork and management of time when responding to the question.

Participating in sports or playing an instrument could fall under this category. You have to understand that the question being asked here is not simply about your pastimes but about your significant areas of interest. It is required that you give an honest response.

Why Should We Hire You?

This is probably the most embarrassing question that is asked of almost all people interviewed for the first time for a job. This is your opportunity to summarize in a few words how your experience and personality make you a good fit for the position you are applying for.

You need to project an air of self-assurance and demonstrate to the interviewer how your skills and experience will benefit the company you’re applying to work for. You must avoid saying overused things, such as “I am a determined and hard-working person.”

The only thing the person conducting the interview is interested in hearing from you about is how you feel your experience and personality are a good fit for the position. Consequently, your response should reflect this.



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